Luxury Villa Vs Resort – Where To Start?

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Bali Luxury Villa
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With the booming accommodation in Bali, choosing the perfect place to stay can be a little bit challenging. You got tons to pick from hotel, resort, to villa. But to get the utmost experience, you got to consider either Bali luxury villa or resorts. But which are the best? Each has its charm, but villas do best on offering customized holidays. Here are why you got to pick a villa.

Why villa?

1. Privacy Consideration

For the traveler looking for privacy, the best answer is a villa. By renting a villa, you will get the whole lot and property for yourself. In other words, you are free to do whatever you want in the area (with a contract agreement). You are free to enjoy every piece of services and facilities in it without getting bothered by strangers.

2. Rent And Services

The rent and services of some luxury lodging come with numerous offers. Since you are renting the area, you got the chance to try everything from the contract. Sometimes, the services include food, entertainment, to cleaning. But again, Bali luxury villa also comes with a contract and offer, which you can choose to have or not. So, it fit the budget.

3. Beauty And Stay

Aside from the services and facilities, many luxurious accommodations are located in the prominent sites of Bali. So, you are not only served with some beautiful buildings and property, but also the surrounding. Take the example of the Surga Villa Bali. It boasts its cliff-top high ground scenery and private access to the beach.

Why Not Resort?   

While the villa is a perfect accommodation, it does not make Resort the worse. Some things make the resort lacking compared to the villa. The first one is privacy, which you have to share with other people. A resort works the same as a hotel, which means the facilities and services are shared. You are bound to meet and share the pool with strangers.

Other than that, resorts have pretty strict rules to ensure every customer got equal services. Bali luxury villa does it specifically for you, the tenant. It means, your freedom in doing anything in a resort tends to be limited. But, it also has some positive aspects such as the beautiful areas, themed design, and complete facilities.

It is not a surprise that the end pick is on your hand. Sometimes, travelers need to consider the budget. But the bali villa rentals offers the best holiday possible. It has better privacy, freedom, and customization. Some luxurious sites also have advanced and high-end services, which is hardly possible or obtainable in either resort or hotel.



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